Patient Resources

At the Rothbart Centre, we believe that informed patients are better able to prepare for treatment, make knowledgeable decisions regarding their pain management care, and better manage outcome expectations. We offer many resources for patients to educate themselves on everything from how to prepare for a doctor visit to the types of medications that are prescribed for different pain.


How do I become eligible for treatment at your clinic?

A referral from your family doctor is required, unless you do not have a family doctor due to a lack of doctors in your area. Please have your family doctor fax a referral form to us. If it is not possible for you to get a referral, please call us and speak with the office manager.


What if my doctor has never heard of the Rothbart Centre?

If your doctor is unfamiliar with our clinic you can direct them to this website. We have provided a downloadable letter of introduction that you can print and give to your doctor. It contains all the contact information for our clinic and a brief overview of the services we provide.



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The Rothbart Centre is no longer in operation. The "Silver Medical Group Centre for Pain Care" (CPC) is now open at the same location and is currently accepting new patients as well as continuing care for former Rothbart patients. Please visit the CPC clinic website to learn more or to schedule an appointment.